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Sproutlore Needs You!

We Need You
Robert Rankin

That's right, Sproutlore is what its members make it.

We are always hoping that you will join, and if you haven't you should, as you get a whole lot more than you will find on the website.

We also need submissions to the Brentford Mercury.

Here is the type of thing we really like:

  • Reports on Robert Rankin signings, about what it was like to meet the main man.
  • Photographs of the signings and talks by Robert.
  • Reports on Sproutlore events, was it any good?
  • Photographs of these events.
  • Information that may be Rankin related, from Brentford to Elvis, if its connected it will be of interest.
  • Reviews of Roberts books. We are always looking for a different opinion, the more the merrier.
  • Reviews of books that you would recommend to a fellow Rankin Reader.
  • Essays or Articles on any weird or wonderful subject, that you may be the expert in.
  • And sometimes, just sometimes, we publish a bit of dodgy fiction, but we rarely publish a fan fiction piece based in the world of RR.

You can submit articles and Reveiws to: mercury@sproutlore.com.

That's the same for photos. If possible, try to send pictures at a resolution of around 800x600 pixels in JPEG format. Please don't send pictures as part of a Word document, as this can make things really difficult for us.

So give it a bash, send us what you can and hopefully you will then see it in your next issue of The Brentford Mercury, along side a piece by Robert himself, perhaps.


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