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Issue 36 sent out to members.
18 Mar 2004

Issue 36 of The Brentford Mercury was sent out over the last two weeks, and all memebrs should have it at this stage.

This issue is a Flann O'Brien Special.

It includes reveiws and articles on Flann's work, and looks at the links and influences between Robert Rankins work and the afore-mentioned Irish satirist.

Robert writes about Flann and we have reveiws of his work by Andi Evans, Mike Capey, Graham Hill, Allec Sillifant, Eugene Docherty Micheal Carroll, and your humble editor.

Also in this issue is a report by Robert Rankin on the creation of LARGE and the Large event in Derby, along with an article from Andi Evans on 'How To' run your own Sproutlore event.

Also there is the usual news, a diary, various other bits and news of teh members only event BRENTCON 1.

James and James

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