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Sproutore member to Launch book
17 Nov 2003

Sproutlore member Grahim Hill is launching his first book, this forthcomming Saturday.

Members will know of Graham via he Cabinet of Curiosties articles that have been running in the mercury for some time, and anyone who was at TCASU will have seen his talks.

Here is the official blurb about teh book, The Silvertown Explosion:

On Friday January 19th January 1917 a small community in London’s East End was devastated by an enormous explosion: the largest and most damaging the city had ever seen or has seen since. What caused the explosion in a munitions factory in Silvertown is still a matter for speculation but the inherent risk of manufacturing high explosive in the heart of a residential area was obvious. Demand for munitions had taken priority over safety.

Whole streets were destroyed in the explosion, over seventy people died and hundreds were injured but after the initial news reports the incident largely disappeared from public view. In peacetime such a disaster would have demanded sustained attention but in the war-conscious Britain of 1917 it did not. There may have been other factors, not least perhaps those relating to government responsibility for public safety.

This new look at the Silvertown incident describes and re-examines the disaster through the medium of contemporary published material. News cuttings, first-hand accounts, official reports and photographs combine to tell the awful tale of London’s worst explosion.

The book launch, which we expect will be well attended by club members is at the Parents Centre Bookshop, 747 Barking Road Upton

Park London E13

Saturday 22nd November 12pm

Nearest tube station is Upton Park on the District Line.At some point in the afternoon we will be in the

Boleyn pub, about two minutes walk from the shop,

the book, Silvertown Explosion by Grahm Hill & Howard Bloch is 12.99 and isavaiable from amazon (ISBN 0-7534-3053-X).


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