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10th anniversary special submissions required
28 Aug 2003

Here at teh club we are looking for pieces for this special issue, and have listed a number of themes, which members might fancy writing something for.

Looking for short stuff maybe 200 words or less, if you can manage it.

The themes are as Follows, with an explanation of what I am thinking of.

My Impression of Robert Rankin:

an insight into the man, did he do somthing unusual, nice, kind, whatever.

Well I never thought they'd last ten years:

something about teh club, what you thought when you first heard about the club, and if you'd think we'd still be here.

My Favourite piece:

Your favorite Joke, funniest bit, paragraphs, phrase, from any of Roberts Books, and why (include the piece, then 200 words)

In Ten Years time:

a fictional bit, so what will Robert and the club

be doing in ten years time.Or an event or whatever.

all submissions are greatly received, and our next issue has a deadline in two weeks time (10th September)

many thanks


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