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Issue 33 Sold Out
23 Aug 2003

Issue 33 the latest issue of The Brentford Mercury, the zine of Sproutlore has just run out.

To coincide with the launch of Witches of Chiswick, a huge PR push was made, to contact old members, and let them know about Roberts tour and also to intice them back into the fold.

Meanwhile, Robert has been giving out flyers for the club, and obviously the advert in Witches of Chiswick has arroused some interest also.

All this has brought about a welcome surge in membership, and today, we ran out of issue 33, an amazing feat, considering we produced many extra in anticpation of an upsurge but all our expectations have been surpassed...

Issue 34, which is a Tenth anniversary issue, is being pushed forward and we hope to have it to you, by the end of september or begining of October, about 4 - 5 weeks time.

Anyone with a query may contact us at info@sproutlore.com

many thanks to all of you who have recently joined, and also, many apologies, for the slight delay, if you join any time soon, you will have a mercury in 4 weeks time and it will be a good one too.


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