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Rankin Thanks Sproutlore
23 Aug 2003

Robert decided to thank the Club in his latest Book, TheWitches of Chiswick, here is his dedication in full

This book is dedicated to SPROUTLORE on the occassion of its tenth anniversary.

To those who started it, it was a bloody good idea, Anna Casey, Eimer Ni Mhealoid, Robert Elliot and of course Padraig O’ Mealoid a special thanks.

For contributing to the Mercury among other nefarious tasks: Tom Mathews, Peter McCanney, Darren Sant, Stephen ‘Wok Boy’ Malone, Kaz Rathgar, Matthew Vernon,

M.J. ‘Simo’ Simpson, Chip Livingstone, C. elsewhere, Martin Gooch, Alan Holloway,

Rachel Turkington, Katie Atkinson, Stephen Gillis, Mark J. Howard, Alf Fairweather,

Paul Tonks, Simon C. Owen, Mark Howard, Neil Hind, Gordon McLean, Karl Macnaughton, Leanne Whelan, Laura Haslam, Mark Bertenshaw, Mark Paris, John Cross, Richard Allinson, Diane Hesse, Neil Gardener, John Flynn, Steve Baker, Daev Walsh, George and Chelle Bell, Kryten Krytrnnicus, Mark Stay, Nicholas Avenell, J. Oost, Alan Sullivan, J. Hagger,

Ian ‘Red’ Brown, James ‘Elite’ Grime, Lee Peglar, Joe Nolan, Emma Jones, David Hill,

Sarah Laslett, Andrew ‘P.A.L.F.’ Bacon, Tim Keith, Stuart Lemon, Allec Silifant, Bob Harison,

Tim McGregor, Keith Lawlor and The Great Cardinal Cox you wordy hard working people.

For making events what they were, and for being there there since the earliest of days: Emma King, Lorraine Loveridge, Toby ‘Tobes’ Valois, Robert and Hazel Newman, Dr. Pete and the lovely Flick, Neil Johnson, Jason Joiner, Andrea Swinsco, Hillary Simpson,

Dave Elder, Anne Stokes, Matt Langley, Rev. Jim de Liscard, Meike, Nolly,

Rory Lennon, Sam and Greg Elkin, Liam Proven and Kirsty, John Waggot, Liat Cohen

Johnathon Baddeley, Trond Miatyeit Hansen, , Anders Holstrom, Mike ‘Sparks’ Rennie, James Brophy, Leonia Carroll, Helena and Heidi, Ben Dessau and Heather Petty, Julie Rigby and Alex Mclintock, Paul Atton, Mick Champion, Isabel and Debbie Cordwell, Lizanne Davies, David Jones, Joe Ritchie, Silas Potts, Stephen Shirras, Luke Shaw, Karl Scrammell, Nicholas Avenell, Clive Duberly, Andi Evans, Sarah Laslett, Bob Tiley, James Walker, Alan Westbury, Tony Wearing, Steven Dean and Mick and Phil O’Connor

To those who have left this mortal coil, we bid you adieu, and toast your names,

John Joseph O’Dowd and the great Gerry Conlon.

The main movers and shakers, writers of great skill and wondrous workers, Lee Justice, Dave Baker, Billy Stirling, Alix Langridge, James Shields, Stef Lancaster, and Michael Carroll.

And finally to the guy who runs it all, surprises me with ingenious ideas, and insane capers, has a strange glint in his eye, a smile and the gift, that could charm the knickers off a nun, a man with boundless energy, generosity and imagination, he has made Sproutlore what it is and what it continues to be, a wonderful Fanclub, the best, to James Bacon, my sincerest thanks, my good friend.

Acknowledgements also to Sean Gsllagher, who thought up the ttle of this book.

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