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Fabulous items presented to Sproutlore
08 Aug 2003

Robert Rankin has donated a number of fabulous prizes to Sproutlore.

At the Withces of Chiswick book Launch, Robert Rankin took the oppurtunity to hand over some wonderful items to Sproutlore, to be raffled and auctioned at They Came and Shaved Us to raise funds for the Club.

Among the items gifted to the club, there were signed Drumsticks belonging to the 'Rock Gods', rare proof covers, unseen prints of artwork, covers and cover photo's, editors proofs, a selection of poetry written while working at Mowlems, in the late 70's which pre-dates his writing career, posters, promotional material, including an Eddy Bear and a Witches of Chiswick lavender handbag and a Sculpture.

The sculpture, is the cover of Web Site Story, in a display case and is greatly apprecieted by the club.

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