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Happy Christmas
20 Dec 2002


Well first off I would like to extend congratulations to Sproutlore member Pete 'Cardinal' Cox, who has just been made Poet Laureate for Peterborough. They had a proper competition and The Cardinal had to orate to win, and did so.

Roberts current book, The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of The Apocolypse has now gone to its fourth printing, and unlike previous hardbacks, is stil being made available by the publishers, due to the 'unexpected high demand'.

The next issue of the Brentford Mercury will be out in mid January, we are accepting contributions for our next issue, so if you know of any local items of interest, especially if its historically a bit strange, let us know.

We have nearly run out of CD-ROMs, which were the free gift with issue 30, as soon as we do, we shan't be making any more, so if issue 29 was your last one, or if you fancy joining up, there would be no better time.

Membership for 'They Came and Shaved Us' an event celebrating the tenth anniversary of Sproutlore, will be increasing from 25 to 30 from the 31st of December. As a reminder, it might make an excellent crimbo present, and if you intend to come along, please take advantage of this 'booking early' discount.

Robert Lamrock, from Belfast has been confirmed as a speaker at the convention. Robert will coming along to talk to us about the DMC 12, better known as the 'Delorean'. He will be giving a slide show about the history of the Belfast built car, and then showing us his own pride and joy, in the steel, so to speak.

For further details see http://www.theycameandshavedus.com

Have a nice Christmas,

James and James

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