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Issue 30 in the post with FREE GIFT
14 Oct 2002

Issue thirty of the Brentford Mercury was posted to members today; it is an

extra large issue, with an extra 16 pages of reports essay's stories and the such.

Robert takes time to talk to us about his next book and we also have a lengthy report from him about his tour.

Included with this issue is a free gift, a CD-Rom.

For a limited time, until supplies run out, new members will be able to receive this CD if they join up in the next short while.

On the CD you will find: An audio section including an interview, a recording of 'The Weird World of Robert Rankin', and 'Some Call me Laz' recorded by Robert in the seventies.

In the interactive part about Robert you will find five biographies, six interviews, covers of all the Books, an article by Robert about his sculpture work, over 30 images of artwork by Robert, and even images of one

of his famous Copybooks.

In the Sproutlore part there are reports of all our events, including photos, info about the club and a look at some of the weirder merchandise the club produced.

In the Mercury part we have thirty articles from previous Mercury's, including three never seen before by Michael Carroll, and a guide to each issue.

Then we have also included Dave Bakers A-Z of characters, now with internal links, a selection of fantastic wallpapers and Captain Laser Alien Attack, a

game produced by Michael Carroll, with advice from Robert. Now you can play the legendry game in the comfort of your own home.

There is much more on the CD but you'll have to wait to see it all.

We have also got details of our next event, 'They Came And Shaved Us' in the current issue.

This is the Sproutlore Tenth Anniversary Bash and promises to be a fantastic weekend for all present.

More details will be forthcoming in a later News piece.

We reckon there may be some confusion about the name though.

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