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Web Site Update
25 May 1999

Regular visitors will have noticed quite a few changes to the Sproutlore web site recently. We hope you like this new look, and will take a few minutes to try out some of the new features.

One new feature we particularly like is the links page. We have been guilty of being somewhat slow to update our links page in the past. Indeed, one site had ceased to exist by the time we got around to adding it. However, this will no longer be a problem. From now on, if you want a link to your page, you can add it yourself. We will, of course, review all links on a regular basis, and any unsuitable links will be removed. Try it out now, and if you know of a site other fans might like, please add it.

Another addition is the Sproutlore Mailing List. This is an announcement/discussion list. Just type your email address in the box on the front page, and you'll receive any messages posted to sproutlore@listbot.com. We'll use this for sending Sproutlore announcements to members, but it'll also be a handy forum for discussing anything of interest to Rankin fans. This will be a great way for fans to get in touch with each other, but please don't abuse it or you'll be barred for life!


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