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Eddy Bear Picnic, Our Next Big Event and Book Launch
06 Aug 2002

Eddy Bear Picnic, Our Next Big Event and Book LaunchThe Eddy Bear Picnic

To celebrate the launch of Roberts next book, a full evening of events has been arranged.

The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse has a star, and his name is Eddy Bear. So where would be a suitable venue for such a launch, well we had a good think about it, and we came upon a sort of home for bears, a most appropriate venue, The Museum of Childhood.

The Museum of Childhood is in Bethnal Green in London, and is part of The Victoria and Albert Museum. It is quite a huge place, with toys from bygone days, right up to quite recent additions such as Action Man.

We will be gathering at 4pm on Saturday the 7th of September, outside the Museum. The Museum is on Cambridge heath rd, and the nearest tube is Bethnal green, about 2 mins walk away. There are two BR stations close to hand, Bethnal Green and Cambridge Heath Stations.

Members may want to make their way to London earlier, as Robert will be doing a signing in Forbidden Planet in Oxford St, at 1pm.

Shortly after we gather Robert Rankin will give a tour of the Museum.

Then at around 6pm, we will have the book launch proper. We have arranged to use the Museums garden, and have a room if it rains, but as always we are hoping for good weather.

There may be some wine, and there will be books to purchase and get signed. Robert will be doing a reading and then the usual question and answer session. We hope to have a special stamp made to commemorate this signing.

Following on from this we will be going to a pub, where we have booked a room for the evening, and we will have a serious raffle, with a load of interesting prizes, the presentation of the BARBIEs, and a chance to sit around and drink, in good company.

There is a small charge for this event, of 2.50, per person to cover expenses. The reason it is so little, is that Orion, Roberts's publisher, have kindly agreed to help us out with the event. This may mean there will be press people around, so a chance to get into the paper too.

You have to be a member of Sproutlore or ZZ9 to purchase a ticket, although you may buy another 2 if you are bringing uninitiated mates or partners along.

Rules & Conditions

Some very serious and important points, which are unfortunately necessary:

  1. Sproutlore accepts no liability for any ill occurrence during the course of the day, any injury to life or limb, mishap, any theft or damage, or bad weather, and death by accident or neglect.
  2. If the event is cancelled for any reason, we will endeavour to organise a substitute event or at worst refund as much as possible. We accept no liability in such an instance.
  3. Sproutlore may eject any attendee at any time during the course of the evening, for any behaviour that is deemed unacceptable.
  4. If you have an issue with i) Museum staff, ii) Bar staff, iii) Press people iv) Orion people you must advise the Sproutlore representative first. You are not allowed to enter into argument with such people, you must allow us to resolve such issues.
  5. The closing date for the receipt of monies will be the 30th of August, this allows nearly six weeks to reply, but it is essential that members sign up as soon as possible.
  6. You must be a member of Sproutlore or ZZ9 to purchase a ticket, you may purchase two subsequent tickets for friends etc.Please state when sending your check, which club you are a member of, for verification.Membership details are below.
  7. Finally, you must be courteous to others, especially the press, at the event, we cannot allow any behaviour that would be detrimental to Robert or the club.

If you are happy enough with the rules send a cheque, including your address, your club (Sproutlore or ZZ9), and a contact number made payable to Sproutlore to Sproutlore 211 Black Horse Ave., Dublin 7 Ireland.

One cheque/PO is adequate, if you require membership and tickets.


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