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Revised Membership Rates
03 Feb 2002

Following the introduction of the Euro here and across Europe, we have decided that is high time to review our current pricing structure.

Our prices haven't changed since February 1995, and now nearly seven years later, various costs have caught up with the club.The cost of producing the Mercury has constantly being going up, and the base cost has increased by 200% since we began, our continuing increase in memberships off set this to a degree, the more issues the cheaper they get, and the day of 16 page mercury's are long gone, but nevertheless costs have increased.

Also here in Ireland we have just heard that there shall be an increase of around 10% in the cost of Postage.

The costs of running the club will never be covered by the membership income, and we rely heavily on our events to make up the difference. So participation in these does really help.

Even so, a price hike is needed, I am afraid.

We are also instituting a special deal, for members living at the same address, who receive two mercury's to that address, I know there are many couples and the such who do, and I greatly appreciate this extra support.

So I felt a letter making it clear would be fair to everyone.

This increase will be effective from issue 27, so it doesn't affect you as a member until your renewal.

So here goes, the maths, er.

LocationOld PriceNew price2 Mercs
Ireland5 IR8.00 (6.30 IR)14
UK7 stg8.00 stg14
Rest of the world18 or $17 or 11 stg32 or $30 or 18

So that's that really, I hope you are happy with this, and apologise for any confusion caused during this turbulent currency changeover. Any queries, please drop me a line,

Yours as ever:

James Bacon

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