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The Mornington Crescent to Brentford Charabang
07 Jan 2001

The Mornington Crescent to Brentford CharabangNote: All places on this trip have now been filled and we are no longer accepting cheques.

What is Sproutlore really about? Sure there’s the magazine and all that, but what’s more important is meeting one another, and most importantly of all, meeting with Robert Rankin, having a laugh and perhaps a beer or two. For the past few years, we’ve tried to hold an event for our members, along these lines.

This year is no different, and we thought it about time we paid a visit to one of the most mystical venues from Robert’s books… Mornington Crescent Underground Station.

The plan is we are going to meet at 12 o’clock at Mornington Crescent Underground Station. There are loads of seats just outside the station at the fork in the road. Mornington Crescent shouldn’t be hard to get to (it’s on the Northern line of the London Underground if you have any trouble).

The day will be Saturday the 28th of July.

We hope (though we are still trying to arrange this with London Transport) to have a tour of the station and then we shall have a picnic around the corner from the station where there is a small park.

At around 3 we will head out towards Brentford on an open toped double-decker bus, Robert is currently devising the route to take us on an interesting and intriguing tour.

Once in Brentford we take a whistle-stop tour of the famous spots in the borough, with Robert showing us around. We will end up in the pleasant pub garden where we finished off the boat trip, two years ago.

See the Charabang page for further details, along with the rules and application form.


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