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Find a Signing Gig For Rankin Appeal
17 Jun 2008

Dear Rankin Fans,

Robert has started a Find a Gig For Rankin Appeal as he outlines below on the sproutlore forum so help get the master to your town:

I am asking each of you to approach your local bookstore and ask if they would like me to do a signing there next January. It is the publication of my thirtieth book and I want to do a thirty signings tour. Now I know that it is the job of my publicist to do this sort of thing and he is doing so. But. If I get your help I can go to places which tend to get forgotten or left off the list or suchlike.

So. please check out your local bookstore and ask whether they would be interested in being part of the BIG THIRTY TOUR. And if they say yes, post the details, name of manager (or event organiser or whoever), name of bookstore and address, email and phone number and I will take it from there.


All members can easily think about this, it doesn\'t need to be a huge shop or a chain, or it could be, no problem, but lets help Robert find 30 stores to sign in!


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