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New Book and Comic Story from Mike Carroll
05 Dec 2007

Sproutlore originator and stalwart Micheal Carroll has been in touch with some great news, nice to see a man who has had the most contributions to the Mercury continuing to do well.

From Mike;

First up, my latest book The New Heroes: Superhuman has just been published. It's a collection of short stories set in the New Heroes universe, and I've self-published it so please support my artistry by purchasing a copy today: see www.quantumprophecy.com for all the necessary purchasing info. I promise it's really good.

Second: rush to your local newsagents or comic shop and buy a copy of 2000 AD #1566 (dated 5 Dec '07). Amid the usual great and exciting tales there's a five-page "Time Twister" drawn by Gary Erskine and written by ME! My debut appearance in a comic I've been reading since I was ten years old!

Congrats to Mike!


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