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Michael Carroll publishes Super Hero Book.
02 Jan 2006

Michael Carroll publishes Super Hero Book.The Quantum Prophecy by Michael Carroll.

Here is some official stuff:

No one knows what happened to Titan, Energy, Quantum, Paragon and their superhuman colleagues.

All anyone knows is that one day, following a ferocious battle with the evil Ragnarök and his army of supervillains and hired mercenaries, the superhumans - good and evil alike - simply disappeared.

All but three of the superhumans have not been seen or heard from since the battle. That was ten years ago.

The three remaining superhumans - all members of the super-team The High Command - have retired from active duty and refused to speak about the final battle against Ragnarök.

The disappearance is regarded as one of the great mysteries of our time...

... A mystery that is about to be uncovered by teenagers Colin Wagner and Danny Cooper, who have begun to develop strange powers of their own.

The Quantum Prophecy is the first book in The New Heroes, an exciting new adventure series from Michael Carroll and publisher HarperCollins.

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 03 January 2006

ISBN: 0-00-721092-2

Price: £5.99


"A fantastic, fast-paced adventure that's perfect for boys and girls alike."

- Sarah Harborn, Borders, writing for The Bookseller

"Fantasy superheroes spill over from the world of fantasy into a world of real teenagers. A happy and gutsy romp."

- Harry Harrison

"Action so fast-paced as to fly off the page, never hides the timeless idealism of the human longing for heroes."

- Tanith Lee

we will have a link to amazon shortly on our front page, meanwhile its here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0007210922/sproutlore


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