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Submissions Wanted!
15 Aug 1999

Submissions Wanted!Hi Everyone,

The next issue of The Brentford Mercury (number eighteen) will be coming out sometime in August (or maybe early September if things slip).

In recent issues we've had the problem of most of the material coming from the same few people. While the quality of the material is very high, it is very easy to become stagnant if we don't keep new blood coming in. We are very keen to broaden our horizons, and include as many different contributors as possible.

To do this we need your help. We need contributions of short stories, articles, artwork, poetry, photographs, reviews, letters, newspaper cuttings, puzzles, or anything else of a strange, bizarre or humourous nature. People ask us, "what do we want?" Well, what would you like to see in the Mercury? And if you'd like to see it, chances are someone else would too.

So this is a request to everyone to get writing, drawing, photographing and clipping. If you have an idea, but you're not sure if it would be suitable, please drop me an email and I'll let you know what I think, but chances are we'll accept just about anything.

I hope a lot of you will take this request seriously, and we'll be inundated with material for the next issue. Don't worry about sending us too much. If we run out of space we'll keep stuff for the next issue.

I look forward to receiving your submissions.

Thank you one and all,


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