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Conventions - To Hell, Convivial, Teledu
03 Dec 2005

I thought I should make mention of a number of upcomming events.

The sproutlore trip to hell is filling up very fast, so can members please folloe instructions in teh latest mercury to secure their place.

News in from Scotland about Convivial 2. Apparently this 2007 fun convention is negotiating hotel rates, so we hope to have confirmed info soon.

Finally convention that will be utilising a very new and unique organisational striucture, and which has many of us Sproutlore regulars very excited

from the people who brought year of the wombat we have...

Year of The Teledu (stinkery badgery)

there is an interactive webpage wiki here: http://tregenza.dyndns.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl

and live journal discussions ongoing here:


worth thinking about, and getting onvolved with if you are commmitted.


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