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Toyminator on pre-order
30 Aug 2005

Toyminator on pre-orderSome onliners already spotted teh news we just recieved from Gollancz!

Toyminator is available to pre-order, eleven months ahead of schedule.

The Oficial Blurb Reads:

The longed-for sequel to Rankin's bestselling and award winning THE HOLLOW CHOCOLATE BUNNIES OF THE APOCALYPSE

And it continues.

Somewhere over the rainbow and just off the yellow brick road stands Toy City, formerly known as Toy Town. And things are not going well for the city's inhabitants. There have been outbreaks of STC - Spontaneous Toy Combustion - and there are strange signs and portents in the Heavens.Preachers of Toy City's many religions are predicting that the End Times are approaching and that a Toy City Apocalypse will soon come to pass. But can this possibly be true, or is there a simple explanation - an alien invasion, for instance. With the body count rising and the forces of law and order baffled, it is the time for a hero to step forward and attempt to save the day. Well, two heroes actually, Eddie Bear, Toy City Private Eye and his loyal sidekick, Jack. Our courageous twosome are about to face their biggest challenge yet, to save not only toykind, but the world of mankind too. Which should keep them out of the pub for a while.

We will shotly have the club link online, which helps as the club gets a percentage. We also understand the cover may be slightly different in production, but not the Wonderful cover image.

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