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Issue Contents
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Issue 9

January 1997

Another fine issue featuring an interview with Robert Rankin about his upconing books, a report from Octocon, horoscopes and other weirdness.

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The Robert Rankin Interview

A long distance telephone conversation with Robert Rankin
by James Bacon
 Interview with a Sprout
by Jane of Tidworth
 Movie Report
Hollywood's treatment of THe Antipope
by Michael Carroll
 You've Been Conned
OCTOCON 96 - The Robert Rankin Convention
by Rachel Turkington
 The Man who fell to Brentford
by Gerry Conlan
 Book Reviews
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Event Review

A report on a Robert Rankin book signing
by Steven Dean
 Star Gazing
An insightful horoscope
by Kramer Wetzel
by Jameson Browne
 I read it in the paper, so it must be true!
by Gerry Doyle
 The Phoartean Times
Glossery of terms and the Phoartean Times Convention
by Michael Carroll
 The Case of the Missing Arse Pt II
"Innuendo at 30,000ft"
by Martin Gooch
 Weird Shit
by Katie Atkinson

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