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Issue Contents
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Issue 8

October 1996

Simo spills the beans on the Dog Called Demolition soundtrack, Rober Rankin talks about his favourite books and Pooley and Omally destroy a pool table...

by James Bacon
Robert's Plan for Star Trek
 The New Book
Nostradamus Ate My Hamster
by James Bacon
 Robert Rankins All Time Top Ten Fave Rave Books
A stunning revelation of the ten best books ever
by Robert Rankin
 Book Reviews
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Notes on a Silver Sleeve

(Or, what is that obscure bastard Rankin on about this time)
by M. J. 'Simo' Simpson
 Jehovah Witnesses Something Strange
by Matthew Vernon
 The Journal of Ninian Carus
by Mark Howard
 The way of Brentford
by C. Elseware
 The Most Astonishing Shaving Foam
by Dr R I Gillette
 The Case of the Missing Arse
A Dick Bigg Mystery
by Martin Gooch
 To Kill a Pool Table
by Alan Holloway
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Same Again...
by James Shields
 The Phoartean Times
Persistent Pets and Giant Vegtables
by Michael Carroll
 Press Cuttings
by Pádraig Ó Méalóid
 Wierd Shit
 Competition Page

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