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Issue Contents
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Issue 3

April 1995

Assorted sad fanboy sutff, including "How to be Really Sad" by Michael Carroll and a fanzine review. Also features Untamed Apparel, an original Rankin short story.

 A Slice of Bacon
by James Bacon
 Rankin News
by Ace Reporter Jameson Browne
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How to be Really Sad

A Self-Improvement Guide
by Michael Carroll
 Tom Mathews Special
 Rankin Raving Reviews
 Fanzine Reviews
Mostly Harmless
by Jameson Browne
 The Brentford Challenge
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Pooley and Omally

by Darren Sant
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Poetry Page

by Gerry Conlan
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Untamed Apparel

Another great story by the great master of sprouts
by Robert Rankin
 Rants & Rambles
 Transworld Competition
 Artwork by Gerry Conlan, Tom Mathews & Jameson Browne

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