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Issue Contents
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Issue 29

August 2002

This issue sees the begining of the serialisation of Lee Justice\'s Guide to Brentford. Also starting this issue, are Dr. Hills Cabinet of Curiosities, historical accounts of starnge goings on, and some bizare ideas, in and around London. We have a number of reports about Damn Fine convention, including one by Robert. Robert interveiws James Masters (Spike from Buffy) and he also gives the second part of his account of the recording of Nostradamus ate my Hamster. We have the final edition of Sprout by Michael Carroll, PALF By Andi and a reveiw of The hollow chocoalte bunnies of the apocolypse. As always we have news about Robert, including his current work, his upcomming signing tour, and finally the intended launch of The Hollow Chocalte Bunnies of the apocolypse, which will be a sproutlore event in Early Septemeber.

Get your vote in for Sproutlore\'s awards
by James Bacon
 The Eddy Bearís Picnic
The next big event!
by James Bacon
 Interview with the Vampire Bloke
Robert met James Marsters at SFX Con
by Robert Rankin
 Brentford Part 1: A Griffinís View
Lee Justice digs up the truth
by Lee Justice
 Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse Review
An early review of Robertís new book
 Damn Fine Damn Fine Con
Robert Rankinís Report
by Robert Rankin
 Damn Fine Con, Shepperton 2002
 DFC Con Report
Michael Carrollís Report
by Michael Carroll
 Damn Fine Con
You guessed it, another report!
 Recording Nostradamus Ate My Hamster
Part 2 from Robert Rankin.
 Dr Hills cabinet of curio
by David Hill
Andrew Bacon reclaims the Arts
by Andrew Bacon
 SFX Event
Miscellaneous reports
Michael Carroll finds yet another former user of our name
by Michael Carroll
 A Slice of Bacon
by James Bacon
 Rankin News

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