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Issue Contents
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Issue 27

January 2002

This issue is all about Damn Fine Con. We have lots about the convention and why it\'s so important you be there, as well as extracts from Robert Rankins diary and Sprout the all new action packed comic from Michael Carroll.

 A Slice of Bacon
by James Bacon
 Rankin News
 Read Online:

Promoting Damn Fine Con

Robert on why you need to be there
by Robert Rankin
 Extract From The Dex
Itís all Greek to us.`
by Lee
 The Golden BARBIES
Your chance to vote for Sproutloreís Greatest
by James Bacon
 Fourteen Thousand Miles Below...
Robert Rankin in New Zealand
by Robert Rankin
 Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse
The story of a book cover
by Robert and Sally
 Late Night Appointment
A short story
by Joe Nolan
 The Day We Went to Brentford
An almost believable story about a bus
by Willow E. Jones
 Fandom Book Tour 2001
More extracts from the Diary of Robert Rankin
by Robert Rankin
More strangeness from Lee
by Lee
 A Bit of Trumpet Blowing
BARBIE canvassing by Leo
by The Magnificent Leo
Action packed comic
by Michael Carroll

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