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Issue Contents
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Issue 26

September 2001

Basking in the triumph of the Mornington Crescent Charabang, this issue misses no opportunity to espond our greatness... Also containing articles from Michael Carroll, Lee Justice, Dave Baker and Joe Nolan and poetry from Robert Rankin.

 A Slice of Bacon
by James Bacon
 Rankin News
Signing tour, new editions and pesky pirates
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The Great Badge Fiasco

What happened to the Sproutlore Badges?
by James Shields
 The Mornington Crescent Charabanc 2001
A glorious write up of our recent event
by Robert Rankin
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The Charabang Report

Another write-up from Brentford
by By Karl Macnaughton
 The Mornington Crescent to BrentFord Charabanc
A charabang write-up in verse
by Emma Jones
 The Golden Barbies
Reporting on the 2001 awards and announcing the 2002 ones
by James Bacon
 It was very good........
You guessed it... another Charabang report!
by David Hill
 How others see us...
A write-up of the event which appeared on the London Transport website.
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Damn Fine Conventin

The next Sproutlore/ZZ9 event
by James Bacon
A 'Make Your Own Adventure' Article
by Michael Carroll
A scan from London Transport's newsletter
 Ghost Issues
A spooky alternative history story
by Joe Nolan
 Reminisce Part 2: A Day (and a Half) in the Life Of
More of Lee's biker lifestyle
by Lee Justice
 David V Baker Presents Sproutlore's Dangerous Sports Club Wing
by David V. Baker
 Poetry Page
Previously unseen poems from Website Story
by Robert Rankin
by Philip K. Deed.
 Science for Beginners
Lesson 2 - Atomic Physics
by Michael Carroll
 The Throwback by Michael Carroll
A slightly biased book review
by James Bacon

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