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Issue Contents
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Issue 25

July 2001

There's dancing in the streets for we have reached our quarter-of-a-hundreth issue! This one's really special with lots of new and original content from Robert Rankin. We also have all those special memories from Sproutlore's history, remembered by the people who remember them best.

 A Slice of Bacon
by James Bacon
 Rankin News
 Robert Rankinís Introduction
Words of wisdom from the sproutmaster
by Robert Rankin
 Read Online:

The Mornington Crescent to Brentford Charabang

The latest on Sproutloreís next event
 Sproutlore Remembered
Some classic moments from the clubís long history
by Michael Carroll
 Favourite Moments
A selection of memories form Rankin fans
 Hunting the Dog
Four Pints Dave tracks down the tracks
by David V.Baker
 Science for Beginners
Michael Carroll introduces a difficult subject
by Michael Carroll
 An email Interview with Robert Rankin
Tony Almond asks the questions
 The Book of Ultimate Truths
Robert Rankin reports on a stage adaption
 An Interview with Joe R Lansdale
MJ Simpson talks to this nasty violent person
 Fandom of the Operator
Canít wait for Robertís next book? Read it here!
by Robert Rankin
 Reminisce Part One
Lee recounts his earliest memories
by Lee Justice
Missing Poems from Waiting for Godalming
by Robert Rankin
 Ace Crikey and the Reality Machine
The continuing saga of Ace Crikey
by Michael Carroll
 Page Forty Two
 Poetry Too
by Joe Nolan

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