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Issue Contents
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Issue 23

January 2001

2001, and no Pan-Am shuttles to the moon! Lots of great content from our most impressive team of writers for this issue. Michael Carroll continues his series for writers, while Lee Justice and David Baker compete to get the most published.

 A Slice of Bacon
by James Bacon
 Rankin News
 The Mornington Crescent to Brentford Charabang
 Web Site Story
A Sneak Preview of Robert Rankinís Next Book...
by Robert Rankin
 The Great Sproutlore Poll
A report on our web poll
by James Bacon
 How to Write
An established series by Michael Carroll
by Michael Carroll
 You Better Watch Out, I'm Telling You Why
A scary but seasonal story
by Gordon McLean
 Impressions of a sad fan girl
by Willow E Jones
The Book Cover History
by James Bacon
Jazir's Song - An ode to New Spice
by Lee
 In My Opinion. . .#1 Dave Baker
Dave's top 8 all time favourite books
by Dave Baker
 Flying on wings of painted brilliance
A candid interview with Jeff Noon
by Lee Justice
 What's all this Stomping? We'll have no trouble here!
A birthday bash for birthday folk
by Lee
 ZZ9 AGM and 20th Anniversary Party
My view from the corner
by Elite
 Reviews and Stuff
 The D.I.Y. Rankin Novel
by David V. Baker

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