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Issue Contents
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Issue 21

June 2000

Just a few weeks before Aliens Stole My Handbag, the club was busy preparing for the convention. However, we managed to find time to put together another fine issue...

 A Slice of Bacon
by James Bacon
 Rankin News
 Sproutlore’s Now Official Guide to Brentford
Published by Sproutlore in June 2000, price £5
by Lee Justice under guidance from Robert Rankin
 Own a Piece of History!
Sale of the Century and
by The Sproutlore Auction
 The Varney
The story so far...
by Mark Stay
 Read Online:

Aliens stole my Handbag

 How to Write
A new series by Michael Carroll
by Michael Carroll
 Rankin Novel Generator
by Michael Carroll
 Waiting for Godalming
A Sample Chapter from Robert's Next Book
by Robert Rankin
 A few words from Mike Gayle
An informative interview...
by David V. Baker
 E475 ORL
The True Story
by Kryten Krytrnnicus
 Secrets of the Earth
A look at ancient belief
by Lee
 Just who's euphemism is it anyway?
A tale of sex, its wares and wars
by The Magnificent Leo
 Book Signing - Forbidden Planet
by David V. Baker
 EasterCon 2000
by Stef "El Pres" Lancaster
 Lost Dreams
by Lee
 Book Reviews
 Ten Years in Brentford
Being a welcome voyage into strange new territories
by Willow E Jones

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