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Issue Contents
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Issue 20

February 2000

Well, our computers were still working, so we printed another issue! In fact this was a pubper issue to celebrate twenty issues. In this one, Michael Carroll catches a Rankin impersonator in the act, James Bacon blows things up, Lee Justice explores Jeff Noon's world, and just about everyone interviews Robert Rankin.

 A Slice of Bacon
by James Bacon
 Here comes Mr. Rankin
by Robert Rankin
 Rankin News
 Sproutloreís Now Official Guide to Brentford
A Progress Report of sorts
by Lee
 Aliens Stole My Handbag
 Believe It Or Donít
Four Pints Dave's World
by David V. Baker
 Waiting for Godalming
A sneak preview
by Robert Rankin
 Robert Rankin Impersonator Uncovered!
by Michael Carroll
 A Midwinter nights tale
Instalment finale from The Bookfinders Arms
by the Magnificent Leo
 Rankin Interview at Octocon
Part 2
 Something I ate
A tale of dietry terror
by Alf Fairweather
 Fear and Loafing in Brentford
A literary guide to the Brentford Trilogy
by Jon-Jo
 Itís Science Fiction Jim, but not as we know it!
Part 1: Jeff Noon
by Lee
 Book Reviews
Part 3 (Uh-oh)
by James Bacon
 A Dogs Life
by Lee
 Self Awareness
A Poem
by Karl Macnaughton

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