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Issue Contents
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Issue 12

February 1998

 A Slice of Bacon
by James Bacon
 Jake’s Big Plan
A tale of urban legends
by Michael Carroll
 Lazlar Lyricon II
 Urbane Commando
by Alf Fairweather
 Mochyn Hedegog
Part 2
by Pádraig Ó Méalóid
 Letter's Page
 The Short Story of The Pub Cat
by David V. Baker
 The Cat and the Harp
by Lee
 I Was Another Rankin Plagurist
Sprout Lore Member’s Shock Confession
by Neil Hind
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Flying Pig Bookshop Opened By Robert Rankin

by Jameson Browne
 Book Reviews
 Like Father Like Son?
by Gordon McLean
 Go to Hell?
by Leanne Whelan
 Beside the S.E.A. side
More insights into the Sonic Energy Authority
by Kaz Rathgar
 The First Five
History of the Brentford Trilogy Book Covers
by James Bacon
 Poetry Page
The Sheep Dispenser Poem
by Karl Macnaughton
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Poetry Page

Writer's Block
by James Shields
 Poetry Page
Continuity Error
by Jen Cox
 Robert Rankin's Poetry page
Free Samples
by Robert Rankin
 The Phoartean Times
Strange beasts... or rotting whale meat?
by James Shields
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Shock Exclusive: King Seen Picking Peas in Safeways

Locals fear for old dear's sanity
by Lee
 The Case of the Missing Arse
A Dick Bigg Mystery Part 5
by Capt M Gooch
 Octocon '97: The European Science Fiction Convention
23rd -26th of October 1997
by Deirdre Ruane
 Tales of the totally inane
"Sheep Are Bigger Than You Think!"
by Alf Fairweather
 Merchandise Page

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