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Issue Contents
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Issue 11

September 1997

Following on from Issue 10, this one was quite a big issue, with lots of stuff from many contributors. It included an interview with Robert Rankin on an MSN chatroom (which would have been better if some of the questioners had actually read some of his books), some fantastic fiction and a proposed new constitution from Michael Carroll.

 A Slice of Bacon
by James Bacon
 Rankin News
 Introduction to this Special Collector's Edition
by Robert Rankin
 Mochyn Hedegog
by Pádraig Ó Méalóid
 Rankin in Cyberspace
Rankin takes part in an online Chat
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Weekend at Robert’s

Or a report on the first Sproutlore day out...
by James Bacon
by Michael Scott
 Complaints Department
 Black Tears
by Larry Cloake
 The Bucket of Cold Sick
A very short story, actually more of an anecdote, really.
by Captain M Gooch Esq
 Whose Lane Is It, Anyway?
A bit from Heavens Above! 2
by Alf Fairweather
 Poetry Page
A Soune Exercise In Noise
by by Paul Tonks
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Poetry Page

A Poem About Oranges
by James Shields
 The Inestimable Haggis Ringchief
by Paul Tonks
 The Mystery of the Pyramids - Solved!
by Simon C. Owen
 The Case of the Missing Arse Pt IV
The Trouble with Double Entendre
by Capt. Martin Gooch
 What time will we meet?
by David Heffron
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The SproutLore Constitution

by Michael Carroll
 The Phoartean Times
More strange truths
by James Shields
 Another Anecdote About Schrodinger’s Cat
by Gerry Doyle
 Press Cuttings
 The Unsponsored Policeman
by Mark Howard
 The Condensed Reader’s Digest
by Michael Carroll
 Merchandise Page

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