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Issue Contents
Issue 10 Cover
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Issue 10

April 1997

Our tenth issue was a special 60 page bumper issue, fraturing highlights from issues one to nine, plus the usual selection of news, articles and fiction.

 A Slice of Bacon
by James Bacon
 Rankin News
 Read Online:

Darth Vader: My part in his downfall

by Robert Rankin
 Chipís Completely Factual Guide for Americans Visiting Ireland
by Chip Livingstone
 Cover up
by Jane of Tidworth
 The Ultimate Problem
by Mark J. Howard
 The Bait
A tale of terror
by Larry
 Reader's Letters
 The Secret Diary of Hugo Rune Aged Thirteen and a Half
by Compiled by Stephen Gillis
 The Weird World of Robert Rankin
Tape Review
by Hamish McFaddon
 Events in a Hotel
by Chip Livingstone
 Build your own Official SproutLore Interactive Virtual Reality Kit!
by Michael Carroll
 Weird Shit
 The Case of the Missing Arse Pt III
"Back to Reality" (Geddit?)
by Martin Gooch
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The Phoartean Times

based on an idea by Michael Carroll
by James Shields
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History Lesson

A brief guide to the first ten issues
by James Shields
 Lot of stuff from previous issues, but it would be pointless to list here...

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