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Notes on a Silver Sleeve

(Or, what is that obscure bastard Rankin on about this time)

by M. J. 'Simo' Simpson


Notes on a Silver Screen

Most of the tracks listed on the A Dog Called Demolition soundtrack can be found on albums and CDs with next to no, (well, some) difficulty, however intrepid editor and seeker after truth Mike Simpson demanded that Rankin spill the beans to SFX readers regarding THE OTHERS. He did so, below.

Free as a bird (Not the Beatles’ single) comes from the MAGIC MUSCLE 1989 album ONE HUNDRED MILES BELOW. The Muscle, described as “Those bastard sons of Hawkwind” feature Huw Gower’s blistering lead guitar-work and the now legendary Twink on drums. I saw them play at The Richmond in Brighton and was ‘blown away, man’ (yeah, right).

Does anyone remember Juluka? They had a single small hit back in 1982 with the incredible Scatterlings of Africa. White university lecturer Johnny Clegg joined Zulu gardener Sipho Mchunu and other black musicians to form the band. Buy the Scatterlings of Juluka (very best of) CD and enjoy something very special indeed.

What can be said about Sonic Energy Authority? Well, you can’t buy them in the shops. They star in Raiders of the lost car park. The listed track comes from their Sailors on the sea of fate tape. If you’d like a copy, phone Cardinal Cox on 01733 37O542. Tell him Robert Rankin told you to call.

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