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An Original Title. What a Cock Up!

Or Robert Rankinís Ten Favourite Things

by Robert Rankin


Favourite Things

What are my ten favourite oddities? Blimey, I don't know about TEN - well, maybe - letís have a look around the room.......

1. Has to be the Whaleís Tooth my dad gave me when I was 5, as mentioned in SFX. That really started me collecting.

2. My 8 legged lamb, bought for £60 from a woman at an antiques fair who said ďI wish Iíd never bought it, people keep coming up to the stall, looking at it and saying Iím a sick person.Ē

3. My Fox, standing on his hind legs, wearing a wig and holding up a card tray. I got some real stick carrying that back to the car.

4. My copy of Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart. My all time favourite album(s). I wore out the first copy, bought another and wore that out. Iíve got it on CD now. God knows how many times I must have played it during the last 25 or so years.

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