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Inconceivable - Inconsequential II

Review of this most happening convention

by James Bacon



The convention is described as a Humour and SF Con by the Committee. In actual fact, it should be described as a ‘Fun ‘til you drop Con’. This was the second Inconceivable, the first being two years previous. It was held in the Tudor Court Hotel, outside Long Eaton, Derbyshire, in the middle of nowhere in reality. It was four days long starting Friday 27th May and ending Monday which was the Bank Holiday in Britain. It cost £25 to get in on the door.

The first really noticeable thing was that even though some of the people could be considered to be serious con-goers they were in very high spirits. This was a fun weekend and that’s what everybody intended it to be. I attended the first panel on Friday, after the opening ceremony, ‘Sex and the single fan’. It was very enlightening particularly about the nostrils of certain cattle. I also went to the First Disco on Friday which was quite excellent.

On Saturday, the bulk of the members arrived. The events were, bizarre. I played ‘Calvin Ball’, went to a cocktail workshop for £2 and got £20 worth of drink, saw people invent religions and sort out conspiracies, got drenched in a huge water pistol fight, dressed from head to toe in cling film, got even wetter in the ‘wet Bermuda shorts’ competition, danced ‘til my legs nearly fell off, laughed ’til my jaw ached, talked ’til my tongue swelled and drank ‘til I was incoherent. Oh yes, by Sunday morning, I had had an overdose of fun and it was only half way through.

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