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The Brentford Mercury

Hugo Rune: A Biography

Part Two

by Michael Carroll


Hugo Rune

“Also, he seems to have trouble with the concept of time: He has written to me three times, and each letter has a different year, though they were all posted within a two-week period (I understand that he writes completely arbitrary dates on all of his correspondence). Once, he spotted a newspaper in my waiting room, and flung himself upon it with great joy, repeating ‘Well, well! Nineteen eleven already! Well, well!’ I questioned him about this problem, and his only response was that he cannot understand — or even believe — that time runs in a straight line. Rune claims that, to him, time is a path, and that he feels free to take this path as he chooses.”

As to Rune’s appearance, Blossom says: “Impossible as it might seem to a casual observer, Rune is only twenty-one years old (on his visits to my office, he has continually refused to divulge his age, and it was almost impossible to discover, until he let it slip that his real name is Vincent Cardigan: once I had that information, I was able to obtain his records from his family doctor in England). He has the appearance of a man entering his middle ages, though this I attribute to his abrupt, worldly manner and his almost total baldness. His weight is also something of a problem: his landlady insists that he takes no more than one full meal a day, and even then it is often returned unfinished. Rune himself refuses to speak on the matter.”

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