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The Brentford Mercury

Hugo Rune: A Biography

Part Two

by Michael Carroll


Hugo Rune

In 1911, Hugo Rune took up lodgings with Mrs Millhouse’s Boarding House for Young Gentlemen, Walnut Avenue, Boston, MA. He lived there for seven months, during which time he did little socialising, and received only two visitors: psychiatrist Doctor Richard Blossom, who came to the house twice, and a young, unnamed woman, whom Rune claimed was a cousin from England.

Doctor Blossom was well-known among his fraternity for the copious notes he kept about all of his patients, and it is from these notes (released in 1962 by his widow) that we learn Hugo Rune was having certain problems relating to the real world: “Rune is truly an enigma. Were I not a learned man, I would be tempted to suggest that he is either in touch with devils, or that he is completely mad. The former of these may be dismissed immediately: Rune shows none of the signs of possession, and indeed he openly scoffs at any religious doctrine. The latter, that Rune might be mad, is harder to disprove. He is remarkably intelligent, but his imagination is prone to run riot. I know from Mrs Millhouse, Rune’s landlady, that he receives almost no visitors, but Rune has often spoken of the young woman he claims visits him at night. I can only assume that this is the lady whom Rune introduced to Mrs Millhouse as his cousin.

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