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The Truth At Last

by Jameson Browne



Thanks to television programmes such as The X Files and The Outer Limits, UFOs and Abduction cases have become a topic of interest to the masses. Of course anyone who is well read in the works of Mr Rankin will be aware that the Master has pre-empted this interest in many of his novels.

I, like every other bandwagon traveller, have become slightly intrigued by the whole notion of UFOs, for the moment at least, and have used my bargaining ability to get some cheap books on the subject.

The first thing I noticed about all the material available was that the authors of even factual books, such as the Encyclopaedia of UFOs are convinced that there is life out there and they are usually in a society or association which molly coddles anyone who has ever seen a frisbie but doesn’t know how to spell it.

I am not impressed. If I want an opinion on Nazism, I wouldn’t read Mein Kampf (and not just because I don’t understand German). I felt that I was being told the beliefs of the authors who were trying to convince me to follow them like Messiahs.

The wonderful thing about books, though, is that you can always close them and say that its all bull-shit.

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