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Promoting Damn Fine Con

Robert on why you need to be there

by Robert Rankin


Promoting Damn Fine Convention

Mr Bacon has asked me to pen a few words in the noble cause of promoting Damn Fine Con. I am pleased to do so. As one who has attended every Sproutlore (and affiliated) event thus far, it behoves me to inform you that they are well worth the crack, or possibly craic, or even kraken. A jolly good time being had by all.

It has been from the word go, that Sproutlore has dedicated itself to the having of good times and the giving of value for money. Damn Fine Con is no exception and for what good measure I am able to do the measuring of, with only the aid of a piece of chalk and a hank of string, I shall be bunging in my three-pennyworth to help matters along.

Firstly, Damn Fine Con will be the venue for the second annual awarding of Sproutlore’s very only highly coveted awards, The Golden Barbies. There will be voting categories in Brentford Mercurys to come, possibly even this one, as I rarely know what’s going on. You’ll have a chance to vote and possibly a chance to win one of these beautiful handcrafted beauties.

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