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The Brentford Mercury

The Great Badge Fiasco

What happened to the Sproutlore Badges?

by James Shields


You Can Help

We have thought about the possibility of buying a badge machine of our own. However, they are very expensive and would tie up an awful lot of club funds. And given past experiences of manufacturers changing the specifications of their parts turning older machines into useless pieces of metal, we’d rather not take the chance.

So, now you know the full story from start to end, with only a few bits changed to make us look better. Sadly, we don’t know if, when or how we will be able to offer badges again. Perhaps someone reading this has some idea. Please let us know if you find somewhere that can make button badges for a reasonable price. Perhaps you would be kind enough to have a look in your local Yellow Pages and see if there’s someone offering a service in your area.

We really hope we can offer badges again in the near future. We feel really bad about it and are very, very sorry.

Finally, I shall give a plug to Anne Stokes of Stokes Stuff. She makes the most wonderful metal badges. See her ad at the back of this issue for more details.

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