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The Brentford Mercury

The Great Badge Fiasco

What happened to the Sproutlore Badges?

by James Shields


Big and Ugly

But we had another idea. Our friends at Octocon also had a badge machine. Now it produced big and nasty badges about two inches in diameter. These werenít what we were looking for, but they would do until we could find a better long-term solution. They were ugly compared to the original ones, but they still looked quite good.

Then James Bacon had a revelation. He bumped into a street trader selling badges of dead pop singers, drug culture messages and other anti-establishment propaganda. James proposed to enter a business arrangement with this person (Iím not at liberty to disclose his name). Once again a price agreed, and after a short delay while he got the money together to buy a stock of parts, the new Sproutlore badges arrived.

All was well once more. We seemed to have a regular supply organised. Until, that is, things went a bit pear-shaped. Some time back when James was looking for more badges, he was dismayed to be told that his trader friend lacked the funds to buy new badge bits. Not to be put off, James offered an advance on the fee so that parts could be bought. Unfortunately, this friend had some personal problems, and was unable to produce badges. I donít know if James was able to get the money refunded.

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