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Pooley and Omally

by Darren Sant


Pooley and Omally

Many people remember things by association or comparison, which is why I find Mr Rankin's writing, and especially our two friends, such an appealing idea.

Speaking as a person that likes a drink, I appreciate the attitudes of Pooley and Omally more than perhaps a non-drinker would. Anyone that's ever had a few drinks will understand how easy it is to get carried away by a suggestion or idea that may enter your head without provocation!

For example, once when drunk, my brother fell through a hedge. I was at the time similarly inebriated and decided to dive through said hedge just for a laugh! Whilst I wouldn't encourage this behaviour, it goes to show the difference of character a few drinks can produce.

There are many other examples, such as David Hodges at the "Inconceivable" convention room party drinking a strange concoction of Vodka with a Tea-Bag in his glass, topped up with a Jaffa Cake!

At the same convention on one of the nights I managed to stop up all night and enjoy meaningful conversation with a group of people who were previously strangers, which I think outlines what social drinking is all about.

My apologies if this article has strayed from its main point, which is basically that there is a certain charm in the flawed and drunken thinking of Pooley and Omally that I find very appealing.

There is also the fact that Mr Rankin is a very funny and accomplished writer with a unique style. May he keep up the good work and hopefully Sproutlore will be there for years to come to appreciate him.

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