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The Brentford Mercury

Aliens Stole My Handbag

A recollection

by Red


The event of the year.

This was it. The event of the year. The weekend to end all weekends. The biggest plugged event in MH for ages. “Aliens Stole My Handbag” was upon us. Was it worth all the build up? You bet it was! It was a fantastic weekend that was mightily enjoyed by all. (Or at least everyone seemed to be having a blast!)

The weekend started, unsurprisingly, with the opening ceremony. Here Gladys and Maude welcomed us with the able assistance of several scantily dressed gentlemen. (Well, they seemed gentle with the grapes to start with!) After which there was an aliens versus granny stomping. We were then “treated” to the delights of the Simo and Bob show. Here a certain Robert Rankin and M J Simpson entertained us with a bit of a chat followed by a ventriloquist’s routine written by Robert before Robert recited some poetry. (Fortunately Mr. Rankin isn’t a Vogon.) This event was very funny. Then the evening descended into a 70s car wash disco. This lead to some very luridly coloured costumes, although Jane’s appearance as the car wash was inspired! There then followed some loud music, some good dancing, and some less-good dancing! The clash between the seventies costumes and the hotel carpet was quite frightening in places.

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