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Aliens stole my Handbag


Aliens Stole My Handbag

With less than five weeks to go, the convention is looking pretty cool.

Along with Robert Rankin who is the Guest of honour, John Whitbourne, Dave Langford, Chris Achilleos, and John Higgins are all confirmed guests.

Some of the Rankin orientated events will include a Cocktail workshop by Neville, a guided tour of Londonís secret underground tunnels by Soap Distant, and a unique version of allotment golf, the official rules of which are being produced by Four Pints Dave with Robert advising.

Robert will be doing a set at the seventies disco on Friday and he has said he will be in Fine Fettle for the fetish disco on Saturday.

Robert will also be bring along a selection of his artwork to ĎShow and Tellí at our art show, Chris Achilleos and John Higgins have slots in the art show too.

Kim McDonald, a former president of the guild of taxidermists will be along to talk about his craft, going through the wherewithal of Taxidermy, as well as bringing along examples, some of which may be a bit strange.

Becky and Anna from daisy will be more than willing to let you go home with a few new holes in your body. These superb girls will be piercing all day Sunday, and giving a talk about the practice.

Jay Atkins will be along to talk about tattooing. He understands that there is a certain logo that may be in demand. Robert has said that he will be getting the infamous symbol tattooed onto his arm. This will be broadcast around the hotel on the internal TV network.

Our whipping workshop is becoming professional, Alex Jacob who is a whipper by nature will be helping out our lovely ladies to administer some pleasurable pain.

Also the military convoy is getting bigger by the day, tracked and wheeled vehicles will be making the trek to Horsel Common. This is the site of the beginning of the war of The Worlds, and we will be firing some Rockets into space.

We have arranged a special price for hotel rooms, of £25 per person per night sharing or £35 for a single room, and Pints will be £2 from the convention bar all weekend.

One event that cannot be missed is the Auction. There will be a large amount of rare Rankin memorabilia going under the hammer, some the likes of which will never be seen again.

There is quite a lot more going on over the weekend and at £25 itís a bit of a bargain. The Military vehicle trip is an extra tenner.

I urge all Sproutlore members to come along, even if itís just for one day.

Send Cheques made out to Aliens Stole My handbag to: 13a Bridge Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 2QW, England.

Or email us: alienstolemyhandbag @lostcarpark.com

Or check out our website http://www.lostcarpark.com/alienstolemyhandbag.

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