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The Brentford Mercury


Same Again...

by James Shields


Same Again

Same again there, Neville,

You know my credit's good.

I've got this rotton headache,

And Iíve only finished pud.

Same again there, Neville,

I can't quite see the dartboard,

Mistook it for a carthorse,

But I know Iím throwing straight.

Same again there, Neville,

I think it was the curry,

That's left me in a flurry,

And - Oops, excuse me everyone.

Same again there, Neville,

No, of course I am not drunk,

It's just the cocktail sausies,

Have me feeling like a skunk.

Same again there, Neville,

You really are no fun,

Is that your twin brother?

Perhaps he'll serve me one.

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