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Mr Rankin's Official Bit

The Grand Master welcomes you to the club.

by Robert Rankin


Robert Rankin's Official Introduction

Regarding the origins of


A now official introducion by Robert Rankin

15° 12" 5th Dan Perfect Master of The Celestial

Order of the Golden Sprout

Fellow Brentonians, People of Dublin (twin town of Brentford), Sproutlaws, brethern, kindred spirits...

When, several years ago, and far gone in the pleasures of the national drink, my good friends Pádraig Ó Méalóid, Michael Carroll (the eminent author) and Robert Elliott (not the other Robert Elliott) suggested the formation of Sprout Lore, I recall thinking, 'I bet this means they expect me to get the next round in.'

Which it naturally did.

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