Issue 9 - 2002-05-23


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The Brentford Mercury issue 28 was posted last Saturday from the GPO in Dublin.

The main feature of the current issue is a sneak preveiw of Roberts upcomming book, The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocolypse, of which we publish the whole of the first chapter.

Robert has also written a secret diary of his recording of the book Nostrodamus ate my hamster for the Mercury.

There is the revolutionary boardgame 'Sprout' and the fantastic issue number 2 of 'Sprout' the comic. Two pieces of fiction, the first extract from a book about the Silvertown explosion, in London, an insane piece of Journilism and a host of news makes up the rest of the issue.


The Brentford Awards to Recognise Brilliance, Innovation and Enterprise for Sproutlore are now up and running. We have received both suggestions for catagories and a number of nominations.

There is much time left though and all Sproutlore members are welcome to submit articles, artwork, give a hand or even send us some fiction in the hope of getting nominated.

The awards as before are hancrafted by Robert Rankin himself.


The hardback edition of this book is due for release in the later quarter of the year. Robert's new publishers are really pushing the boat out on this, and have decided to price the book at just 9.99, a huge reduction on previous hardbacks.

Sproutlore is an Amazon associate, and we receive a small percentage of all purchases that are made using the sproutlore links to Amazon. As if that were not enough, Amazon are offering the book at a pre-order price of 7.99.

Please use this link (or the one on to take advantage of this offer, while giving Sproutlore a cut of the profit:

Bargains like this do not come around often, and we do not know how long it will last.

No word as of yet on the signing tour.


Our next issue will be a Damn Fine con special, so we would welcome any reports and photos. We have already received quite a few, but there is no need to be shy, so let us know what you thought.

The Plokta News Network is an interesting SF fandom site that is worth a wander around and has several mentions of Damn Fine Con on it. They also have a polls bit:

There is a "How was Damn Fine Con for you?" poll and it would be Good if you voted.You can only vote once from each email address you have.

If you missed it, let em know, if you enjoyed it, great.


Irish fans should check out for news and info here in Ireland.

There will be a ZZ9 Slouch in Dublin on Saturday 15th of June. Meeting at 1pm at Connolly station, main station foyer. All Sproutlore members welcome.

The June Meeting of The Dublin Sci-Fi Club will be about the works of Douglas Adams. The meeting is on in Bowes Pub, Tue 5th June upstairs at 8pm.

Thats it for now, we will have another mail shortly about one of our members running for the Trans Atlantic Fan Fund (heh ?).


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