Issue 51 - 2007-06-16

The Gunnersby Museum evening will start at 6pm.

The Gunnersby Museum will have Roberts Books available, but they DON'T
have credit card facilities. They can only take cash or cheque (made
payable to Hounslow Cultural and Community Services). So please bring cash.

We have arranged to go to the Princess Royal Pub, next to The Brentford
Football Grounds, after the Musuem event, which is scheduled to finish
at about 9pm.
The pub is open to midnight.

ON the Sunday there will be a morning sojourn around the borough of
Brentford, culminating at the Princess Royal at 12 o'clock, when it
opens and we will be there relaxing for the rest of the day, although as
usual, we will have stuff going on.

The Gods of Punk will not be playing as previously mentioned.
Dark Society and Dry Rise will be on hand to play.
So no shortage of music there.


Sproutlore Members are formally invited to a weekend of wonder in
Brentford. Events begin on Friday 27th July (my birthday) at 6PM at The
Museum with the launch at 7pm, be early please, its taking place at
Gunnersbury Park, Popes Lane, Ealing W5. This is the opening of my
exhibition (private view for Sproutlorians) and the launch and first
signing (with the collectable bookplates etc) of my new book.
Then, on Saturday 28th July at 1PM, the BIG event. Robert (that's me)
and Rachel's Victorian wedding, to be held on the lawns before
Gunnersbury Park Museum. The dress code is strictly Victorian, but this
includes Victorian/gothic/fetish/fantasy. And I am assured that there
will be at least one Jack the Ripper and the Elephant Man, so GO OVER
THE TOP. Think about the group photos. Look fabulous!
Also, bring a picnic, but I do have to tell you that the drinking of
alcohol is not permitted in the park and the people who are letting us
have the event there are very nice people. So, be kind.
I have rented for the day, The Princess Royal pub, beside the football
ground in Brentford and we will be having the wedding reception there,
various bands will be playing (all connected, or included in the latest
book) and if all goes well I may also do something.

There will be an auction and a raffle, with the first prize of a
chromium-plated steel pan (used on the soundtrack album that comes free
with the hardback book). It's worth over four hundred quid and has been
very generously donated by my lovely lady. So, a merry time is hoped
for, for all. And there will be much on the Sunday. But then there
always is. Because this will be a Sproutlore event. And we don't muck
about at Sproutlore.

Robert Rankin

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