Issue 47 - 2007-01-15

"After decades of lampooning the wackier fringe elements of England, this
Wednesday (17th January) the esteemed Mr Robert Rankin himself is to address the
self-same elements at The Moot With No Name, a fortnightly Pagan and Occult
meeting hosted by Steve Wilson, author, raconteur and erstwhile "psychic
questing" colleague of none other than Andy "Danbury" Collins himself. Speaking
on, well, anything he likes really, Mr Rankin will be introduced ay 8 pm (be
there at least 30 minutes early to be reasonably assured of a seat) at:

The Devereux (upstairs bar)
Devereux Court*
off The Strand,
London WC2

"Please note that Devereux Court is a pedestrian passage that runs alongside The
George, a mock-tudor pub that is opposite the Royal Courts of Justice at the
extreme eastern end of the Strand, almost where it becomes Fleet Street. Many
online street maps point you at a lawyers' court of the same name about half a
mile away, so please use these directions. Cost of entry is 2, expect a raffle,
jokes, Captain Beefheart rarities, banter (but not during the talk itself
please, unless Mr Rankin simply answers questions put to him, which is one
option) and for public transport we recommend any bus that goes to Aldwych,
Temple Tube (travel uphill north, turn right) or Holborn (travel downhill to
Aldwych, turn left). Don't try using a car, there is nowhere to park and it is
illegal to drink and drive. It is also illegal to listen to Robert Rankin in a
pub and not drink."

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