Issue 46 - 2006-08-08

HOKUS BLOKE Productions and LADBROKE RADIO Productions are pleased to announce
the forthcoming audio dramatisation of Robert Rankin's best-selling novel "The
Brightonomicon". This 13-part comedy radio series will feature an all-star
cast, including two very well-known and highly respected actors as HUGO RUNE and
RIZLA (to be announced very soon!)

Co-written by Neil Gardner and Elliott Stein, and produced and directed by Neil
Gardner, the series is being made with the full involvement of Robert Rankin
himself (who will also appear in the series - but will you spot him?!)

"This is an extremely exciting time for us all, but especially me," said Neil
Gardner. "I have been a fan of Robert's for more years than I care to remember,
and have been trying for over a decade to get an adaptation off the ground. At
every radio station and production company I have worked at I have pushed to do
a Rankin project, and now, at last, it is happening!"

A co-production between Hokus Bloke Productions (run by Neil Gardner, Elliott
Stein, Robert Rankin and a mysterious fourth person) and leading UK independent
radio production house Ladbroke Radio, the initial plan is to create a pilot
episode which will be used to secure the full funding for the remaining 12
episodes. Once commissioned, produced and broadcast, the series will then be
made available to fans to buy as a download via sites such as Sproutlore and
iTunes. At the time of writing, Channel 4 Radio had expressed an interest in
the series.

"I really cannot wait to tell the fans who we have playing Rune and Rizla," said
Neil Gardner. "We also have some big plans for Fangio, and a great cast of
actors, comedians and others playing the other roles. This is going to be a
roller-coaster of a radio ride with running gags and plenty of far-fetched

The final script for the pilot episode is being written and it is hoped that the
episode will be recorded, mixed and finished by the end of August, when it will
be made available as a FREE download from the production website.

In the meantime, please visit the website often for up to date news, audio
clips, behind the scenes reports and revelations galore!

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